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I may have founded Day Brightener Bakery in April of 2010, but the  passion for baking started for me when I was a child.

I was blessed to grow up in a family of eight, and as anyone with a large family can tell you, a family that size only works when chores are divided.   That said, I harbored a little secret, my “chore” was typically the baking, and I couldn’t have been luckier!  I loved it!  Baking and decorating, of course, take some patience, but my parents raised me to believe that if anything was worth doing, it was worth doing well, and I keep this in mind with every item I bake.

Although I offer a variety of baked goods, including cakes, pies, breads, cheesecakes and more, without a doubt my signature item is my Day Brightener Sugar Cookie.  Years ago, I purchased a large egg shaped cookie cutter that had a recipe attached, I modified it slightly and decorating eggs took on a whole new meaning for my family that year!  I’d always enjoyed decorating cookies, but I’d finally developed a recipe that makes a cookie that tastes as good as it looks!  Since then, I’ve created literally thousands of custom, artisan cookies in all shapes and sizes, making sure each one is a gift unto itself.
I am truly honored by each and every order I receive, I value the trust that my clients place in me when they ask that my cookies become part of their life celebrations.  Joy defies math, in that it multiplies when you give it away.  Every person deserves to have a little day brightener in their life… so go ahead… make someone’s day!

Mary Shepherd
Day Brightener

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